Castelli Forni - Rome-based family-run company producing electric ovens aimed at the Pizza-al-Taglio / Pala and Pizza “Tonda” market.
Every Castelli oven is individually hand-crafted and can be tailored to the client’s specification if needed.
Sturdiness and reliability are the main characteristics as well as a fast recovery-time required for the busiest catering outlets.

Mecnosud - Italian dough-processing equipment manufacturer providing a wide range of appliances including spiral-mixers & fork-kneaders designed to produce the perfect dough following the true Neapolitan tradition.

Ginox – Commercial refrigeration & s/steel manufacturers .
Founded in 1983 it’s achieved the international ISO 9001 certificate in recognition of its commitment to quality.
Long experience combined with state-of-the-art machinery
and high-tech cad-cam systems for industrial production ensure high quality standards and satisfy the most demanding customers.
All products are manufactured in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel as well as the best quality and environmentally friendly materials complying with all international regulations.

Ilsa Spa - Premium refrigeration and stainless steel manufacturer of long tradition Ilsa offers a wide spectrum of solutions for the busy commercial kitchen.
Gastronorm / Euronorm / Ice-cream cabinets as well as blast-chillers and a huge variety of stainless steel catering items are all part of their comprehensive range.

Zucchelli Forni - Founded as a family-run company, ZUCCHELLI FORNI S.p.A. has produced bread and pastry ovens for forty years and this experience combined with skill and professionalism has transformed the company into an industry benchmark.
Technologically advanced machinery and careful material selection, provide a guarantee of excellence for every single ZUCCHELLI FORNI S.p.A product in line with the expectations of the market and the customer.

Erre2/Gico - In the professional kitchens market , Erre2 are distinguished by long experience and tradition.
Luigi Ongaro, who founded the company back in 1971, passed on his wealth of knowledge and passion to his family, who are still directly involved.
Always searching for innovative solutions concerning the cooking, preparation and preservation of food the Erre2 team ensures the highest standards of reliability and efficiency with particular emphasis on energy saving.

Ifas Arredamenti – Italian shopfitting company established on theUK market since the early 70’s with high profile London presence.
Following the client’s recommendations and they’re in-house designers’ guidelines, Ifas can manufacture an unlimited range of bespoke counters, refrigerated cabinets and front-of-house furniture.
Colosseum has been working with Ifas for many years
in terms of logistic support , remote refrigeration system installation and after-sales service ensuring a smooth project completion.

Frigomeccanica – Manufacturers of modular display-cabinets and bar-furniture as well as deli-counters .
Frigomeccanica are able to offer an impressive number of solutions based upon their standard product-range.
Working out of a 40,000 m2 factory in central Italy all refrigeration, fabrication, carpentry & stonework items are produced in-house and any size order can usually
be delivered within 4/5 weeks.